1. Consultation Fees


Our consultation fee covers up to one hour of time. 

Initial Consultation: JPY5,000 (this fee is waived if you hire our service.)
Second Consultation: JPY10,000

If you are located outside Japan, your consultation fee will be billed in JPY and is tax-free.

If you are located inside Japan, your consultation fee will be billed in JPY and a 10% consumption tax will be applied to the cost.

2. Typical Costs for Visa Acquisition Support Services


The costs listed below are typical of these types of cases. The fees listed are professional fees only and do not include government fees or other costs such as couriers, translations, or any other costs associated with an application. We will discuss the details of your situation during the initial consultation and give you a quote based on your circumstances.

Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility*: JPY120,000 - JPY200,000
Change of Status of Residence*: JPY120,000 - JPY200,000
Extension of Period of Stay: JPY40,000 - JPY50,000
Permission to acquire Status of Residence: JPY70,000 - JPY100,000
Permission for "Permanent Residence"**: JPY120,000 - JPY150,000
Certificate of Authorized Employment: JPY70,000 - JPY100,000

The service fee for your visa acquisition support will be billed in JPY, with a 10% consumption tax applied, whether you are located inside or outside Japan.

*If you apply for "Business Manager" status, the professional fee will be JPY200,000.

**Since application documents for "Permission for Permanent Residence" must be submitted directly to the regional immigration services bureau with jurisdiction over the applicant's address, we will charge travel costs if you reside outside the Kanto region, Yamanashi prefecture, Nagano prefecture, and Niigata prefecture.

3. Convenient Payment


For clients in the neighborhood, across Japan, or abroad, we offer convenient payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and JCB. We are also happy to accept a bank transfer.