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Keiichi Tanaka

Gyosei Shoshi (Immigration Lawyer)


TKG Immigration Consulting Office was established in Tokyo by Keiichi Tanaka, Gyosei Shoshi (Immigration Lawyer).

Our mission is to assist foreign nationals and international companies in their endeavors related to work, business, and life in Japan. We believe that by doing so, we contribute to the development of a better society.

What is Gyosei Shoshi (Immigration Lawyer, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist)?


"Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist is a person with a national qualification who can assist foreign nationals in all aspects of their lives in Japan, including residence, naturalization, study abroad, employment, marriage, and setting up a business."


Reference source: Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association's website



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Our advantages

  • English Communication with clients
  • National coverage by using the “Online Residence Application System” of the Immigration Service Agency
  • Expert in the Japanese immigration system


The Japanese language barrier and complicated procedures under the Japanese immigration system confuse and bother many foreign nationals. Combining the above advantages, we provide proper, speedy, and friendly support for your visa application, which is vital for all foreign nationals living in and coming to Japan.

Our services

1. Visa application assistance

  • ESI - Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services
  • Business Manager
  • Student
  • Dependent
  • Designated Activities (Japanese University Graduate, Family, etc.)
  • Spouse or Child of a Japanese National etc.
  • HSP - Highly Skilled Professional
  • Skilled Labor
  • Specified Skilled Worker
  • Permanent Residence


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2. Business incorporation assistance


3. Business permission application assistance


Fees may vary based on case complexity.

Following the initial consultation, we will provide a fee quotation.


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How we work with you

This is how we will work with you:


  1. Please contact us using the inquiry form.
  2. We will contact you to schedule a consultation.
  3. Consultation (up to one hour of time) is available via video call
  4. Contract, upfront payment
  5. Preparation of application documents
  6. Submission of application documents to the Immigration Services Bureau
  7. Submitting additional documents if requested by the Immigration Services Bureau
  8. Receiving the result from the Immigration Services Bureau
  9. Receipt of new Residence Card
  10. Settlement of the remaining payment

The initial consultation fee is JPY5,000 (JPY5,500 including consumption tax), but this fee is waived if you hire our service.

For the second and subsequent consultations, an hourly consultation fee of JPY10,000 yen (JPY11,000 including consumption tax) will be charged.

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Location (Tokyo)

TKG Immigration Consulting Office(TKG行政書士事務所)

7F 2-36-1 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku

Tokyo, Japan 171-0014


Keiichi Tanaka(田中 圭一)

Gyosei Shoshi (Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist), Immigration Lawyer

Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations, Registered No. 21082401

(日本行政書士連合会 登録番号 第21082401号)

 Gyoseishoshi Lawyers of Tokyo, Membership No. 13757

(東京都行政書士会 会員番号 第13757号)


We cover all the Immigration Services Bureaus in Japan by using the "Online Residence Application System" of the Immigration Services Agency.

However, depending on the application's difficulty, we may need to go directly to the local immigration services bureau. In such cases, travel expenses will be charged separately.