Reported: "Permanent Resident (永住者)" holders in Japan who do not pay taxes and insurance premiums may have their permits revoked.


A news report on Feb 5, 2024, says that the Japanese government has started considering amending the Immigration Law to enable the authority to revoke the "Permanent Resident" status of residence of those status holders who fail to pay taxes and social insurance premiums. 


The "Permanent Resident" status has no restrictions on the period of stay and work categories the holder is engaged in. According to the Ministry of Justice, as of the end of June 2023, there were about 880,000 permanent residents, which accounted for about 27% of the total number of foreign residents in Japan.



FYI: Cases when "Permanent Resident" holders may lose their status under the CURRENT Immigration Policy. 


1. They leave Japan without a "Re-entry Permit (再入国許可)" or "Special Re-entry Permit (みなし再入国許可)".


2. They leave Japan with a "Special Re-entry Permit" and do not re-enter the country within one year of the departure.


3. They leave Japan with a "Re-entry Permit" and do not re-enter by the re-entry permit expiration date.


4. They fall into any of the following violations;


   *Having received "Landing Permission (上陸許可)" or "Permanent Resident" status fraudulently.


   *Failure to submit a notification of moving in within 90 days after their changing addresses in Japan.


   *Reporting a false address of residence to the government.


5. They are deported for any of the following reasons;


   *Being sentenced to life imprisonment (無期懲役、無期禁錮) or imprisonment over one year (1年を超える懲役または禁錮).


   *Being convicted of drug crime (薬物犯罪).


   *Being engaged in business directly related to prostitution (売春).