Immigration Policy

Immigration Policy · 2024/05/20
The National Police Agency, Ministry of Justice, Immigration Services Agency, and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare have established the 'Liaison Meeting of Directors-General on Countermeasures against Illegal Employment of Foreign Nationals' to coordinate and collaborate on issues related to illegal employment of foreign nationals in Japan. They recently formulated the "Promotion of Countermeasures against Illegal Employment of Foreign Nationals (Revised)."
Immigration Policy · 2024/04/10
The Immigration Services Agency of Japan has decided to conduct a trial introduction of a system to confirm the information of foreign nationals heading to Japan in order to prevent terrorism and alleviate congestion in immigration screening from this fiscal year (FY2024). NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) reported it on March 30, 2024.
Immigration Policy · 2024/04/01
Japan's Immigration Services Agency released its digital nomad visa. The visa is available to citizens of 49 countries. Visa holders may legally live and work remotely from anywhere in Japan for up to six months.
Number of foreign residents in Japan (mid- to long-term residents and special permission residents)
Immigration Policy · 2024/03/26
The number of foreign residents in Japan (mid- to long-term residents and special permanent residents) increased to a record high of 3.4 million at the end of 2023, according to the Immigration Services Agency's announcement on March 22, 2024.
Immigration Policy · 2024/03/18
The Japanese government submitted an amendment bill of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act to the current Diet session.
Immigration Policy · 2024/03/13
We have excerpted and translated some information from an official document entitled "About the Permanent Resident Status" (September 2018), issued by the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice. Although it may be old, it suggests a direction for reforming Japan's permanent residence system.
Immigration Policy · 2024/03/11
From April 1, 2024, Arakawa, Adachi, Katsushika, and Edogawa wards of Tokyo will be added to the area covered by the Matsudo Branch Office of the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
Immigration Policy · 2024/03/09
Here are the latest cases of permission and denial of the ESI (Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services) visa application. TKG Immigration Consulting Office translates the latest document from Japan's Immigration Services Agency.
Immigration Policy · 2024/03/07
The Immigration Services Agency announced new guidelines for Special Permission to Stay in Japan (在留特別許可) on March 5. This special permit is designed for foreign nationals facing forced repatriation. The revision seeks to enhance transparency in the review criteria for the permit. The new guidelines take a positive view of the need to protect the interests of children living with their families in Japan.
Immigration Policy · 2024/02/14
The Japanese government plans to release a new visa in March 2024. It will allow "International Remote Workers (Digital Nomad)" to stay in Japan for up to 6 months a year.

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