Check the frontside and backside of the Residence Card. Check the E-mail about the visa application.
Tips · 2024/05/09
When applying online, unlike when applying at the Immigration Office, the back of the residence card is not stamped with "in process" at the time of application acceptance. Therefore, if you apply online, you need to always carry with you not only your residence card but also a "completed acceptance email with application acceptance number, etc." proving that you are in the visa application process (including during the special period).
Tips · 2024/04/23
If your visa application is denied while your visa (residence card) is still valid, go to the Immigration Bureau to ask for the reason for the denial. If the reason for the denial is something that can be rectified, prepare again and reapply. If your visa application is denied after your visa expires, the Immigration Bureau will give you a temporary stay permit called "Preparation for Departure (出国準備)" as a preparation period for leaving Japan.
Tips · 2024/03/01
The Tokyo Immigration Bureau provides an online system where you can check your turn to pick up a new Residence Card at its A counter.